Announcement of the prize money of the winning team of WTC final, crores of rupees will be given even after losing


WTC 2023: The final of the ICC World Test Championship (WTC 2023) will be played between India and Australia from 7 June. Both the teams have geared up. Along with this, preparations have also started from both the teams. Some players of Team India reached England under the leadership of Virat Kohli and after reaching there, they also started practicing. Meanwhile, the prize money for the WTC final has been announced. This amount is so high that not only the winning team will be rich but the losing team is also going to be showered with money.

Two great teams will fight for the title

When India and Australia face each other in the final of the World Test Championship (WTC 2023) on June 7, both the teams will give their all to win. Team India had earlier also reached the final of the WTC in 2020 where they had to face defeat at the hands of New Zealand. It remains to be seen whether this time they will get the World Test Championship (WTC 2023) mace in their hands or not. Meanwhile, on the previous day, the BCCI announced India’s 15-member team. Ajinkya Rahane returned to the team after a long time. At the same time, KL Rahul was ruled out of this big match due to injury.

Even if you win, you are rich even if you lose

The players of India and Australia will play the final of the World Test Championship (WTC Final) immediately after the IPL. This time, under the leadership of Rohit Sharma, the Indian team will try to defeat Australia and become the winner of the World Test Championship. At the same time, Australia will also be eager to capture it for the first time. Well whichever team will win this match will get an amount of Rs 13.24 crore. And the losing team will also be rich. Actually the runner-up team of WTC final will get Rs 6.5 crore. It is to be seen on whose head the crown of victory will adorn.

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