Are your periods getting late in summer, do not ignore these symptoms


Periods Problem In Summer: In the summer season, as much as possible liquid products should be consumed. It is very important to have water balance in the body. Many problems have to be faced due to lack of proper water balance. If the amount of water in our body is not right, then we may have skin, stomach related problems. Most of the problems of dehydration are seen in the summer season. Like- dizziness, vomiting etc. Apart from this, another biggest problem seen in women is related to their periods. Due to lack of water in the body or dehydration, women have to face many challenges during periods. How to cure your body from this problem. Ayurvedic doctor Deeksha Bhavsar has shared a video about this in her account.

drink more water

Women should consume more and more water during their periods. Due to not drinking water during periods, there is a lot of effect in blood flow and pain. If we drink less water during periods, then we get to see the problem of weakness, dizziness, headache etc. in the body. If less water is consumed during these days, then due to dehydration, period cramps also occur and bloating is also very high. That’s why one should drink as much water as possible. Drinking the right amount of water can reduce almost half the pain of periods.

what to do during periods

Maximum water should be drunk during periods. If you drink lukewarm water, that is even better. Along with drinking water, the body also needs all the nutrients, which are available only after eating the right amount of food. Remember one thing, if the color of your urine is yellow or any kind of smell comes from it, then you also have symptoms of this disease.

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