At the age of 60, wife Rajoshi Vidyarthi has broken up with Ashish Vidyarthi’s marriage! Expressed pain through cryptic post


Rajoshi Vidyarthi: Ashish Vidyarthi, who has worked in many Bollywood films, suddenly surprised people by getting married at the age of 60. Son, the pictures of their wedding are becoming very viral on social media since day evening. Ashish, who made a coin in the role of Villain in Bollywood films, has married Rupali Baruah of Assam, who is a businesswoman. While on one hand the second marriage of the actor is in the news, now his first wife has also reacted to it. The actor was first married to Rajoshi Vidyarthi, who is a dancer and singer by profession. Rajoshi has also shown stamina in many serials. On the other hand, when the husband gets married, it is bound to be sad even at this age. Amidst all this, Rajoshi’s cryptic post is doing the rounds on social media.

riddle told life

Last day, Rajoshi shared a picture of her in which she is smiling. With this post, he wrote in the caption, don’t get entangled in the puzzle of life, this is life.

Rajoshi said this

While on Instagram Story, Rajoshi wrote, “The right person will never ask you the question of what you mean to them. He will never do something that he knows will hurt you. Remember this.

What is the meaning of this post of Rajoshi

In another post, he said that “maybe overthinking and doubt has gone out of your mind. Cleanliness may have replaced confusion. May peace and patience fill your life. You have stood strong for a long time and now is the time when you should be blessed because you deserve it.

A 23 year old son of Ashish and Rajoshi

Please tell that Ashish Vidyarthi and Rajesh Vidyarthi are spending married life with each other at some point of time. Although the two have now parted ways, Rajoshi is believed to have felt bad after Ashish’s marriage and this cryptic post is for him. Please tell that the couple also has a 23-year-old son named Arth Vidyarthi.

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