Canada reaches out to G-7 allies over diplomatic standoff with India


Canada reaches out to G-7 allies over diplomatic standoff with India
Canada reaches out to G-7 allies over diplomatic standoff with India

– After America, Australia and Britain also expressed concern over Canada’s allegations.

Ottawa, September 19 (HS). Canada has reached out to G-7 allies over the diplomatic standoff with India over the killing of a Khalistani terrorist in Canada. After America, now Australia and Britain have also expressed concern over Canada’s allegations against India.

Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, wanted in India, was shot dead outside a Gurudwara in British Columbia, Canada on June 18 this year. Now, tension between India and Canada has increased after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused the Indian government of being behind the murder of Nijjar. First, the Canadian government expelled Indian diplomat Pawan Kumar Rai and Trudeau said it was unacceptable for a foreign government to be behind the killing of a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil. This is a violation of Canada’s sovereignty.

After this, in retaliation, India has also expelled a senior diplomat from the Canadian High Commission in Delhi and ordered him to leave the country within five days. Rejecting Trudeau’s statement, India’s Ministry of External Affairs said the decision reflects the Indian government’s growing concern over interference by Canadian diplomats in India’s internal affairs and their involvement in anti-India activities.

Canada has appealed to its G-7 allies regarding this diplomatic impasse between India and Canada. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spoken to US President Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and informed them about the development. On this tension between India and Canada, America has said that it is ‘extremely concerned’ by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s allegations against India.

US National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson said US officials remain in regular contact with their Canadian allies. It is imperative that Canada investigates and brings the perpetrators to justice. Britain has also given its reaction on this matter. A British government spokesperson has said that Canada has made serious allegations against India that the Indian government was involved in the murder of a ‘Sikh separatist leader’. Britain is in close contact with its Canadian allies regarding this allegation.

A spokesperson for Australia’s Foreign Minister Penny Wong said India has been informed of Canberra’s concerns. He said that Australia is extremely concerned by these allegations and is paying attention to the ongoing investigation in this matter. Australia believes that all countries must respect sovereignty and the rule of law. The statement further said that we understand that such reports are concerning to many Australian communities. The Indian community in Australia is making an important contribution to our multi-coloured, multicultural society.

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