China’s dominance continues in the 19th Asian Games…


Beijing, September 19 (IANS). The 19th Asian Games will open on the night of 23 September in Hangzhou city of south-eastern China. A total of 48 gold medal winners will emerge on track and field in this Games, which is the highest among all sports.

Most of the track and field competitions will be held at the Hangzhou Olympic Center Stadium, the main stadium of this Asiad, which will witness intense competition from top level track and field players from different Asian countries. As the host country, the Chinese track and field team will try its best to maintain its dominance.

Keep in mind that the Chinese team has remained at the first position in the track and field gold medal table in 8 consecutive Asian Games. The Chinese team has won more than 10 gold medals in every Asian Games since 1978. Here, due to the rapid rise of teams from countries like Japan, India and Bahrain in the past few years, the lead of the Chinese team at the Asiad is decreasing.

In the Asian Track and Field Championships held in Bangkok this July, the Chinese team finished second behind Japan in the gold medal tally and India also came ahead of China in the medal tally. Therefore, Hangzhou Asiad is a good opportunity for the Chinese team to prove its strength.

Chinese Track and Field Association Vice President Thien Xiochun recently told the media that as the host team, there is a responsibility and pressure to perform well in the upcoming Asian Games. Winning 13 to 15 gold medals is a solid target for the Chinese team.

62 players of the Chinese team will take to the track and field field, which includes many Olympic champions and World Championship gold medal winners. The world’s top Chinese players like Kwong Lichao, Fung Pin, Wang Chung and Liu Xiuing will participate in the throwing events. Their collective benefit is clear.

In the jumping event, famous Chinese men’s players Wang Chi Nan and Chu Yaming will campaign for the gold medal. Chu Yaming was the Olympic triple jump gold medalist, while Wang Chia Nan was the 2022 World Championships gold medalist.

The Chinese team also has strong strengths in walking race, short course race and relay competition. Players from Japan, India, Bahrain, Philippines, Pakistan and other countries will also show their best performance on the track and field field of Hangzhou Asiad. The Chinese team needs to try harder to protect its pride.

(Courtesy- China Media Group, Beijing)


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