Do these remedies today on Ganesh Chaturthi, you will become rich, marriage obstacles will also be removed.


Ganesh Chaturthi 2023:
According to Hindu scriptures, Ganapati ji is the first worshiped deity among all the gods and goddesses. Among all the dates, Chaturthi is related to Lord Ganesha. Ganesh Chaturthi (ganesh chaturthi 2023) is celebrated on the Chaturthi of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month. This year this festival will be celebrated on 19th September.

According to religious texts, this day is considered to be the appearance of Lord Ganesha. Although this festival is celebrated with great pomp throughout the country, its different color is seen in Maharashtra. This festival mainly lasts for 10 days. During this time, devotees bring Bappa to their home and bid farewell to Bappa on the day of Anant Chaturdashi.

According to astrology, measures taken during this time can provide relief from every problem in your life. So let us know what are those small measures by adopting which you can get rid of the obstacles in life.

Ways to overcome financial crisis:

If your family is struggling with financial crisis, then you should wake up in the morning and take bath on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. After this, mix desi ghee in jaggery and offer it to Ganpati. Then feed that jaggery to mother cow. Lord Ganesha will be pleased with your solution and will give you the desired results.

Ways to progress in job and business:

On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, bring home a yellow idol of Ganesha and offer five lumps of turmeric in worship and then chant the mantra ‘Shri Ganadhipataye Namah’. Offer Durva to Lord Ganesha by applying wet turmeric on 108 Durvas. While offering Durva, keep chanting the mantra ‘Shri Gajavaktran Namo Namah’ in your mind. Keep doing this for Anant Chaturdashi i.e. for 10 days. Doing this opens the doors to progress and removes obstacles coming in the way of success.

Ways to remove obstacles in marriage:

It is said that Lord Ganesha removes any obstacle, even if it is related to marriage. If there is any obstacle or delay in a girl’s marriage, then you should worship Lord Ganapati. On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, Malpua should be offered to Lord Ganesha and prayer should be made to remove obstacles in marriage. If there is any problem in the boy’s marriage, offer yellow sweets to Lord Ganesha.

Measures to get rid of diseases:

If you are ill for a long time, then offer bananas, honey and almonds to Ganpati for relief. This brings blessings of Ganpati and provides relief from diseases. Apart from this, yellow fruits also please the Sun and provide health.

Ways to get money:

On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, take raw cotton, tie 7 knots in it and then place that cotton at the feet of Bappa. Before immersion, pick up that thread from there with folded hands and then keep that thread in your purse. By taking such measures, money, wealth, happiness, prosperity, success, glory, prosperity, good luck, opulence and fame will remain with you all the time.

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