Even in the opening controversy of the Parliament, the opposition got ‘hit’, know the opinion of the analysts


New Parliament House: There is a ruckus on the issue of the inauguration of the new Parliament House, everyone is giving their own arguments, Chetna Manch has known the opinion of political analysts on the whole matter, read completely…

There is a storm brewing in political circles over the inauguration of India’s new Parliament building. The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party is once again trying to capitalize on this issue as an ‘opportunity in disaster’. On the other hand, the Congress, which calls itself the oldest party, is trying to weave the fabric of opposition unity on the basis of the issue of this Parliament. Chetna Manch has spoken to many political analysts across the country on this issue. Most of the political analysts are of the opinion that on the issue of the inauguration of the new Parliament House, the BJP has once again ‘slammed’ the opposition. Through its propaganda machinery, the BJP has been able to convince everyone that by making this issue an issue, the Congress party and its allies are tarnishing the image of the country even abroad.

What do analysts say?

When asked on this issue, senior journalist and analyst Manoj Raghuvanshi says whether the President or the Prime Minister should inaugurate the new Parliament House, it was not such a big issue as it has been made out to be. Taking his point further, Mr. Raghuvanshi says that now the situation has become such that the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have cashed in on this issue as an ‘opportunity in a disaster’. Through their propaganda machinery, the BJP and the PM have been able to tell the country that the opposition, out of desperation and despair, is forcibly making the issue of Parliament House a big issue. This issue can tarnish India’s image in the world. People of other countries would say that all the MPs of India are not united even on the issue of house entry of their Parliament House.

Similar opinion has been expressed by many political analysts. In the next few episodes, we will inform you exactly about the opinion of all the analysts. Political analysts have another side as well. Analysts of this side say that the President is an integral part of the Parliament. In such a situation, not inviting the President to the inauguration ceremony is completely wrong. This side also says that the way the opposition parties have shown solidarity on this issue. If this unity remains like this till the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, then this unity will be able to give a big challenge to the BJP. Along with this, the opposition parties have also tried to establish the message that PM Modi has descended on dictatorship. Despite opposition from the entire opposition, they are working ‘at will’. Analysts believe that the opposition has not been completely successful in linking this matter with the humiliation of the tribal society. It is a different matter that the opposition has tried to build a narrative.

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