First Vedic Theme Park is going to open in this state of India, information will be available from medicine to history


First Vedic Theme Park:
Soon India’s first Vedic theme park is going to be built in Noida Sector 78 of the country’s Uttar Pradesh state. Till date, millions of people must have visited many malls, hotels and theme parks in Noida. But now people are going to see a new kind of theme park there. About which no one would have ever thought before till date. Noida place itself is very famous among the people and now a wonderful theme park is going to open here soon, after which it will become famous not only in India but also abroad. So today through this news we will get to know some special things about this new and first Vedic theme park to be opened in Noida.

What is Vedic Theme Park

By listening to the name like Vedic Theme Park, it is known that it will be related to Vedas. The biggest specialty of this park is that in this park you will get to know about Indian Vedas. This specialty of this park makes it different from all other parks. All the people coming to this park will be informed about the medicines used during the Vedic period, the plants from which they were made. That’s why more than 50 thousand saplings have also been planted in this park. Along with this, parts of the Vedic period have also been depicted on the walls. This Vedic Park is being constructed in 2021 on 12 acres of land.

Park named after saints of Vedic era

According to sources, this Vedic theme park is also divided into seven parts named after the sages of the Vedic era, including Gautama, Atri, Vishvamitra, Bharadwaja, Agastya and Kashyapa.

what will be the ticket fee

So far nothing has been decided about the fee to be charged for admission. Perhaps the entry here should be absolutely free, so that more and more people can come here and get information. A lot of laser light shows will also be organized in this park which will be the center of this theme park.

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