If there is more than one Tulsi plant in the house, then how many should be planted, what is the effect


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Tulsi plant is considered very sacred. Every Hindu must have a Tulsi plant in his house. It has been said that the house of a Hindu who does not have a Tulsi plant, his house is like an abyss. Lord Shri Vishnu resides in the Tulsi plant along with Mother Lakshmi. Positive energy always remains in the place where Tulsi plant is planted. Scientists have made many discoveries regarding Tulsi. That’s why the Tulsi plant has been proved scientifically as well.

How many basil plants should be there in the house

It has been said in the scriptures that at least one Tulsi plant must be planted in the house. If you want to plant many plants in your house, then it is very important to pay attention to the number of plants. Its great importance has been told in astrology. If more than one Tulsi plant is to be planted, keep in mind the odd number. Tulsi plants planted in the house should be in odd numbers like 3, 5 and 7.

Tulsi plant should not be touched on this day

According to belief, it has been told that the Tulsi plant should not be touched during these times. It has been said that Tulsi should not be touched on any day after the sun sets i.e. in the evening. Together it has been told that no one should be touched on Sunday and Ekadashi. Tulsi is also not worshiped on this day and time.

When to plant basil plant

It has been told that Thursday is the best day to plant Tulsi plant. It has been told in astrology that by applying basil in the house on Thursday, the economic condition remains strong.

Plant basil plant in open space

Tulsi plant should not be planted in open space. It is said to be planted on the best pot or else a platform should be made around the Tulsi plant attached to the ground. This is best described.

in which direction

Direction should also be considered while planting Tulsi plant. It is always best to plant Tulsi plant in the east or north direction. Tulsi plant has been planted there should always be kept clean. Having impurity and dirt has negative effects.

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