If you are also drinking fruit juice considering it healthy then be careful, it can be a big danger.


Health News Desk,Nowadays you will see many reels on social media in which health conscious people are seen drinking fruit juices, smoothies etc. Antioxidants are found in fruits. These are considered good for our health. Many people feel that making fruit juice and drinking it would be more beneficial. According to doctors, fruit juice can become fatal for you. Learn here, how…

Do you also drink juice after waking up in the morning?
Many health conscious people drink orange or mixed fruit juice after waking up in the morning. Or take juice for breakfast. Nutritionists and doctors have said that drinking fruit juice can increase your anxiety. On Raj Shamani's podcast, Dr. Vishakha said, people say that fruit juice is very healthy. This is not healthy but very unhealthy.

Juice can cause all these harms
Doctor Vishakha told that fruit juices contain fructose. It is a form of sugar that makes fruits sweet. Our liver cannot digest it. Consuming too much fructose causes fatty liver, dementia, Alzheimer's, and heart disease.

Eating fruits will not cause any harm
When you eat fruits, this sugar does not cause much harm because when you chew the fruits and eat them, fiber gets added to them. These fibers reduce its effects and are good for our body. On the other hand, some nutritionists also believe that when fruits are crushed, their multivitamins also become less effective. Therefore, it is better not to drink fruit juice daily.

omelette is a better breakfast
Doctor Vishakha told that when we eat the first meal of the day, keep in mind that it should not be sweet. You can eat fruits but do not drink juice. He described egg omelette as the best breakfast. If you are a vegetarian, have a breakfast with protein and fat.

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