Instead of spending money in the parlor, do pedicure at home, these easy steps will make your dark feet shine!


Pedicure At Home: Every person pays attention to the glow of the face but meanwhile people forget to take care of other parts of the body. Feet are also an important part of our body which cannot be ignored. Feet have to do most of the work, from walking to running, hence it is important to pamper them from time to time so that they do not lose their color. For this, there is an easy way to do pedicure which can be done at home with less money. Today we are going to tell you about some easy steps to do pedicure at home which you can easily follow.

remove nail paint and cut nails

To clean the feet, you can first start with the nails and fingers. For this, first of all remove the existing nail paint, clean the nails and cut them. To make the nails look beautiful, it is important to bring them in perfect shape, with this you can also give them shape.

scrub your feet

For this step, take hot water in a bucket or tub and then massage your feet thoroughly with lemon and honey to remove the dirt. Leave your feet under water for some time, this will give them relief and dead cells will start coming out.

Clean with shampoo or soap

After this, clean the feet with the soap and shampoo mixed in the tub, for this you can also take the help of nylon scrub. Once cleaned thoroughly, wipe your feet with a towel.

apply lotion and nail polish

This is the last step of pedicure but it is also important. For this, apply moisturizer or nail paint of your favorite color on the pedicured feet. This homemade pedicure will bring back the old glow of the feet. For quick results, you should definitely try it once or twice a month.

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