IPL winner and runner-up will get crores of rupees, money will rain on other teams too


Crores of rupees have been spent on all the players playing in IPL 2023, but do you know how much prize money is given to the team that wins the IPL trophy. How many crores of prize money is given to the winning team to the fourth-placed team in IPL? In fact, in this season some changes have been made in the prize money as compared to the previous season and the amount has also been increased. So let us tell you that which number team is going to be very rich in IPL 2023?

The winning team will get Rs.

According to media reports, the winning team of IPL 2023 (IPL 2023) is going to be given a prize money of Rs 20 crore. This is the highest amount among different T20 leagues played around the world. The losing team in the final will also be given full Rs 13 crore. So, on the other hand, the third and fourth place teams will also be given Rs 7 crore each.

South Africa’s SA20 league offers the highest amount of money after IPL. The entire amount of Rs 15 crore is given to the team that wins the South Africa T20 League. At the same time, the team that wins the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) title is given around Rs 8.14 crore. Whereas in Pakistan Super League, this amount is only Rs 3.40 crore.

Money will be showered on the players who win the cap

Significantly, the Orange Cap and Purple Cap holders are also going to earn a lot in the IPL season. At present, du Plessis is leading in the Orange Cap race, followed by Shubman Gill, who is just 9 runs away from Plessis. The Orange Cap winner is going to get the entire amount of Rs 15 lakh. Along with this, the purple cap holder is also going to get Rs 15 lakh only, at this time Mohammed Shami of Gujarat is leading in this race. Who has taken the entire 25 wickets in this season and till now Gill and Shami have one more match left.

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