Leave 500 and 700 km range cars! This company is bringing EV with 1,600 km range, read mind-blowing details


New Delhi:Toyota Future battery ev. Currently, diesel and petrol cars are very much liked in the market. But the coming time is for electric vehicles. Due to which companies are running their research and development programs rapidly. The reason behind the demand for EVs not gaining momentum is that the range in EVs is less and currently customers are using only AC engine vehicles for long distances.

Because EV has to be charged again and again. But most of the existing cars can cover a distance of thousands of kilometers once filled with fuel. In this regard, the largest SUV car maker company Toyota has given big news. The company is now working on a battery pack with a range not of 700 kilometers, not of 1000 kilometers but of up to 1600 kilometers. Due to which customers are now sure to get relief from low range.

Toyota will overtake Mercedes EQS

This new battery pack cell equipped car of Toyota company is going to leave Mercedes EQS EV behind, because currently Mercedes EQS is the one with the highest range. Which gives a range of 727 kilometers on full charge.

When will Toyota EV with 1600 km range arrive?

According to the company, solid state batteries will support high temperature and high voltage charging. Toyota is working on it very fast, so that the first electric car equipped with this battery will be launched by 2028. This battery will be able to be fully charged in just 10 minutes. There will be no EV in the market that can even remotely compete with this car.

However, the price of this electric car will be so high that people’s pockets will be empty, due to which the company can also launch a cheaper model of electric car, which can be fixed in the budget of the common man.

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