Lord Krishna had asked for the flesh of his son from the king here!


Son’s Meat – Chhattisgarh state of India is infamous because of Naxalites, due to which most of the people do not like to visit this state.

But let me tell you, Chhattisgarh is very beautiful and amazing like other states.

In Chhattisgarh, 36 kilometers ahead of the capital Raipur, there is a city named Arang, whose beauty will leave you stunned. The city is known for the 11th century Bhanddeval Temple and Mahamaya Temple. This city used to be the city of King Mordhwaj in Drapar era who was a great devotee of Lord Krishna. During the reign of King Mordhwaj, this state was blessed with every comfort and facility. Because King Mordhwaj was a good hearted king.

The temples of this city are examples of excellent architecture. Because of which this city is also called the city of temples.

There is a very famous story about King Mordhwaj of Arang.

It is believed that Lord Krishna had great faith in the devotion of Mordhwaj, due to which Lord Krishna considered Mordhwaj as his supreme devotee. After the end of the Mahabharata war, Lord Krishna wanted to assure Arjun of this. Lord Krishna and Sage Arjun reached the city of Mordhwaj in disguise. Lord Krishna disguised himself as a sage and told King Mordhwaj that his lion is hungry and eats only human flesh. On this King Mordhwaj said take my flesh. On this Lord Krishna said that my lion eats only the flesh of the child. On this Mordhwaj offered his son’s flesh. On this Lord Krishna said that but keep in mind that while cutting meat, neither of the husband and wife should have tears in their eyes. King Mordhwaj did the same. And without crying he fed his son’s flesh to the sage’s lion. King Mordhwaj was successful in this test of Lord Krishna and Arjun. Pleased with this, Lord Krishna revived the son of King Mordhwaj and gave him the status of his greatest devotee.

Here in the palace of King Mordhwaj there is a well which produces water from river Ganga. Bathing in this well provides relief from all types of skin related diseases. It is believed that King Mordhwaj used to go barefoot early in the morning to take bath on the banks of river Ganga, 4 kilometers away from his palace. Seeing this, Mother Ganga felt pity on King Mordhwaj and she took out a stream of her water from the well in the middle of the palace. Because of which this well has the power to cure skin diseases, devotees come from far and wide to take bath here. This city is still there today. It retains its same grandeur and culture. The most famous temple here is the Bhadhudev temple, which is a Jain temple which was built between the 11th and 12th centuries. The Mahamaya temple here is also very popular, which has idols of 24 gods and goddesses. Among which the temples of Bagh Dev, Panchmukhi Mahadev, Panchmukhi Hanuman are the most popular.

From all this you must have understood that the state of Chhattisgarh, like other states, is a witness to the history of ancient India, so do not forget to include this wonderful city while planning your holidays.

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