Mother and son drank Datura to beat the heat, both admitted to hospital


Korba. A strange case has come to light in Chhattisgarh. Here mother and son consumed Dhatura fruit to beat the heat. Someone had told both of them, living in Manas Nagar of CSEB outpost area, that consuming Dhatura fruit provides relief in the heat. Shortly after consuming the fruit, both of their health deteriorated and they became dizzy and fell down at home. The family members immediately admitted both of them to the district hospital. Where he is being treated.

To beat the heat, mother and son consumed Dhutra fruit, due to which their health deteriorated. After which, when the family members came to know about this, both of them were admitted to the district hospital. At present, the condition of the mother is stable, but the condition of the son remains critical.

In fact, Balmukund Vishwakarma, who worked as a mason, and his mother Nirmala Vishwakarma had come to know from somewhere that consuming Dhatura fruit provides relief from heat. They planted Dhatura, Bel leaves and other flowers and leaves on the Shivalinga present in the courtyard of the house. Grinded it in mixer and consumed it. After which the health of both of them became very bad. That’s why one should not consume anything without testing it. In case of any problem, immediately consult a doctor.

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