Mother lost her senses when she came to see her daughter who was living on rent


Noida News (Chetna Manch). When her mother arrived to see a newly married woman living in a rented house with her husband in Salarpur police station Sector-49 area, she was shocked. The newly married woman was hanging in her room. A supervisor living on rent in Baraula village committed suicide by hanging himself.

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The marriage took place five months ago

Rashmita alias Kajal, originally a resident of Orissa, was married to Durgesh about five months ago. After marriage, the husband and wife were living on rent in Salarpur village. When Rashmita’s mother reached her house on Monday, she was found hanging. Neighboring people brought down Rashmita from the noose, but by then she had died. On receiving the information, Sector 49 police station reached the spot and sent the body for post-mortem. Police have not found any suicide note from the spot.

Supervisor sacrificed his life

Shivakant Singh, who lived on rent in Baraula village of Noida, committed suicide by hanging himself. At the time of the incident, Shivakant Singh’s wife was sitting outside and talking with women. During this time, when Shivakant’s brother reached the room, he found him hanging. Preliminary investigation has revealed that Shivakant was originally a resident of Mathura and was working as a supervisor in a Noida company. Noida News

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