Perform Tarpan-Shraddh on these dates in Pitru Paksha.


Although in all religions there are some rituals or the other to remember the ancestors or for the peace of their souls, but in Hindu religion it has been given great importance. 15 days of the year are kept for worshiping the souls of ancestors, which is called Pitru Paksha.

Every year Pitru Paksha starts from Bhadrapada Purnima and Pitru Paksha ends on Ashwin Amavasya. This year Pitru Paksha is going to start from 29th September and will continue till 14th October. If you cannot perform Tarpan in the entire Pitru Paksha, then you must perform Shraddha-Tarpan on at least 3 dates. This brings blessings from the ancestors and the Pitrudosh present in the horoscope is removed.

Three dates are important

Actually, all the dates of Pitru Paksha are important, because on every date some ancestor has died and Shraddha, Tarpan etc. are considered auspicious for him on that day. But if the date of his death is not known, then Shraddha must be performed on these three dates during Pitru Paksha. This brings peace to all the ancestors.

Bharani Shraddha – This year, along with Chaturthi Shraddha, Bharani Shraddha will also be performed on 2nd October. It is considered necessary to perform Bharani Shraddha one year after the death of any family member. Also, for those who have never undertaken pilgrimage, it is considered necessary to perform Bharani Shraddha in Gaya, Pushkar etc. Only then will he attain salvation.

Navami Shraddha – Navami Shraddha of Pitru Paksha is known as Matri Shraddha or Matri Navami. On this date, Shraddha is performed for the parents of the family like mother, grandmother, maternal grandmother. Not doing Tarpan, Pind Daan, Shraddha etc. for them on this day leads to blame and increases the problems in life.

Amavasya Shraddha – This year, Sarva Pitru Amavasya is on 14th October. On this day, Shraddha is performed for those ancestors whose date of death is not known. On this day, Shraddha, Pind Daan, Tarpan etc. are performed for all the known and unknown ancestors.

How to reduce Pitra Dosh?

– Place a picture of your ancestors in the south direction and seek their blessings by offering flowers and garlands on it every day.
– On the day when ancestors have died, feed and donate food to Brahmins.
– Help a poor girl get married. This can also reduce Pitra Dosh.

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