Shehnaaz Gill Opens up About Losing 12 Kgs in 6 Months, Find Out the Secret Here


Health Tips: Shehnaaz Kaur Gill, the Indian actress revealed her secret to weight loss. This actress first rose to fame through her appearance in the superhit Hindi reality show, Bigg Boss. Since the show, the actress has paved her way to the nation’s heart through her goofy and quirky personality. The actress has also appeared in various Bollywood movies such as Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan and Thank You for Coming in the year 2023. However, since the show, the actress has also dropped a drastic amount of weight leaving the netizens in curiosity.

Shehnaaz Gill’s weight loss transformation

Sadly, to do well in the film industry, Indian actresses have to conform to certain beauty standards. For Shehnaaz Gill, she used to be more on the healthier side during her time in the Bigg Boss house. However, during lockdown, the actress dropped 12 kgs in just 6 months without a workout routine. Her weight loss is solely dependent on her diet. Moreover, the actress did not follow any fad diets on the internet, instead, she followed a few healthy steps that aided her in losing extra weight.

turmeric water

Shehnaaz Gill drinks a few milligrams of turmeric in water in the morning which helps her lose weight. Turmeric is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that help cut down obesity and extra fat stored in the body which leads to unhealthy weight gain.

apple cider vinegar

Later, she started taking apple cider vinegar which is known for its weight-loss properties. The experts believe that Apple Cider Vinegar helps burn fat and regulates your appetite from skyrocketing.

Portion control

The actress claimed that what worked for her was portion control. If she was hungry for two rotis, she would eat only one. Portion control can be beneficial in keeping the body healthy in the long run by maintaining a healthy body weight. This helps you lose weight and regulate extra calories

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