Simple Energy is going to make a big bang, after electric scooter it will set fire to car and bike


Simple Energy: The increasing scope of electric vehicles in India is proving to be very beneficial for the companies as well as the people. We are saying this because Bangalore-based electric startup company Simple Energy One has recently introduced its first electric scooter. In such a situation, there are mixed reactions on the company’s first electric scooter.

Simple Energy’s big planning

The electric sector in India is progressing very fast. In such a situation, many domestic and foreign companies are working on many schemes to take advantage of the growing demand for EV vehicles. It is being told that Simple Energy Company is also working on several schemes to make its hold in the electric sector. In such a situation, a big information has come to the fore.

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When will the electric car come

According to the news, Simple Energy One is preparing to bring electric bike and electric car in the coming time. Along with the two-wheeler, the company is also working very fast on the EV car. The company can launch its first electric car in the Indian market by the year 2025.

The company told this information

Let us tell you that the company’s co-founder and CEO Suhas Rajkumar has said that in the coming time, an electric car and a hi-tech electric car are going to be launched. The company is also working very fast in this direction. However, till now the company has not informed CEO Suhas Rajkumar about its features. It is being told that very high capacity features can be given in it.

Electric car will be ready in the country

CEO Suhas Rajkumar said that our company wants to make electric car itself like electric scooter. We also have good engineers and functionality, he added. In such a situation, we will prepare the electric car ourselves.

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