Six deputy defense ministers in Ukraine removed in corruption case


Kiev. On Monday, several senior officials of the Defense Ministry, including six Deputy Defense Ministers, were removed in Ukraine. No official information has been given regarding their removal. However, the reason for this is believed to be corruption. Let it be known that two weeks ago, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov was removed in a corruption case. At the same time, fierce fighting continues in eastern Ukraine.

According to the Telegram account of Taras Melnychuk, the permanent representative of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the dismissed deputy defense ministers include Hanna Maliar, Vitaly Deneha and Denis Sharapov. Apart from this, Defense Ministry Secretary Kostiantin Vashchenko has also been dismissed. Melnychuk has not given any reason for his dismissal but the government is investigating allegations of corruption in the purchase of military equipment. Rustem Umerov, who took over as defense minister, did not immediately issue a statement.

The new Defense Minister Rustam Umrao is a Tatar Muslim of Crimean origin. Umrao has said that we are reorganizing the Defense Ministry but our work is continuing as before. After assuming the post of minister, Umrao had said that his priority was to strengthen the military forces while fighting corruption.

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