Smartphone battery explodes due to these reasons, read immediately how to save yourself


Phone Charging Mistakes: Nowadays smartphone is one of the important needs of people. Be it watching a movie, playing a game or doing some work. People look at smartphones. Due to this, battery drain also happens quickly. However, we make many mistakes while charging the smartphone, due to which the battery gets damaged. In this way, we will tell you about the precautions to be taken while charging the smartphone battery.

use of duplicate charger

This is a common mistake that most of us make. We start charging from any local charger other than the original charger, whereas doing so can be dangerous. Third party chargers often lack the specifications that the handset requires. However, local chargers may look like the original and overheat the phone, damaging the smartphone’s internals and causing bubbles or shorts in your phone’s battery.

overnight charging

Apart from battery damage or using a third-party charger, there are other reasons for battery overheating. The main one among these is overnight charging. Most of us have a habit of putting our phones on charge while sleeping. This affects the battery as overcharging it can lead to overheating, overcharging, short-circuit and sometimes explosion. Many smartphones now come with a chip that stops the flow of current when the battery level reaches 100 percent. However, there are still some affordable handsets which lack this feature and that is why you hear reports of phones exploding while the user was in bed.

battery damage

The second reason for phone exploding is damaged battery. Many times when the phone falls, it damages the battery which can cause short-circuit, overheating and more. Once the battery is damaged it swells. In today’s smartphones, you can detect swelling by looking carefully at the back panel. If it has become heavy, do not waste time and visit the service center for battery replacement.

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