“Strike rate, average is all nonsense” Ishaan Kishan gave a shocking statement, then people vented their anger


There are only 2 matches left in IPL 2023 (IPL 2023). Qualifier 2 and after that the direct final match will be played at the stadium in Ahmedabad. A cold war is also going on between the fans and all the cricket experts before the match. But, in the midst of all this, Mumbai Indians opener Ishan Kishan, who recently entered Qualifier 2 after defeating Lucknow, has issued a statement denying one thing of his own captain Rohit Sharma, this statement of RCB It is being told in favor of captain Virat Kohli.

Kishan gave this statement

According to media reports, a few days ago during the IPL season, Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma had commented on the strike rate of the batsmen. He had said that in the shorter formats of cricket, the strike rate of the batsman is the most important thing. According to Rohit, if the strike rate is not the best, then in shorter cricket formats like T20, the batsman may face a lot of problems.

On the contrary, Ishan Kishan has recently said during an interview that the strike rate and average are always increased in T20 cricket. They don’t take into account the match situation. It is most important to play according to the match situation. If you are chasing a total of 140-150 in a difficult pitch, a 200 or 250 strike rate is not necessary.

Kohli’s side

Significantly, it is clear from this statement of Ishan Kishan that according to him, according to the condition of the pitch and the match of the team, the strike can be kept more or less even in formats like T20. In fact, Virat Kohli has always followed the same thing and has given importance to it, that’s why this statement of Kishan has happened in favor of King Kohli. Often people do not hold back from trolling Virat Kohli regarding his strike rate in T20 and start trolling without thinking as soon as he gets a chance. But in order to actually win the match, the batsman has to change his strategy as well.

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