These beauties became victims of oops moments in front of the world at Cannes Film Festival, the dress of this Bollywood actress was torn


Cannes Film Festival: The Cannes Film Festival is currently very much discussed in the world of entertainment. From Bollywood to Hollywood actresses are very excited for this film festival. It is the dream of every actress to reach here and walk on the rate carpet. Like every time, this time too many smiles were seen walking on the red carpet of Cannes. Every day new looks of the actress keep coming out, which people like a lot. However, do you know that on such a big red carpet, many times in front of the whole world, the actress has also faced embarrassment. Something happens to actresses which they have not even imagined. Yes, many times on the red carpet of Cannes, Hasina has also become a victim of oops moments. You will be surprised to know that this list includes from Hollywood to Bollywood actresses.

Urvashi Rautela was also about to be insulted

Urvashi Rautela, who always surprises with her fashion, was seen creating havoc on the red carpet of Cannes with her glamorous style this time. Many of his looks from the red carpet are going viral on social media. While the actress survived being a victim of an oops moment during Cannes. Actually Urvashi was posing wearing an orange tube gown, at the same time her dress slipped. Though the actress handled her but she was caught on camera.

There was an uproar with the Hollywood actress

Something happened with Hollywood actress America Ferrera during the Cannes Festival which she would never have imagined. Actually, a fan had entered inside Ferreira’s dress on the red carpet, after which the security took him out. It was quite an uncomfortable moment for the actress.

Scarlett Yang could not climb the ladder

It was in the year 2018 when Scarlett Yang was unable to climb the stairs due to high heels during the Cannes Festival. Not only this, when she tried to climb twice in high heels, she fell with a thud. After that, with the help of a person, he was made to climb the ladder. In such a crowded gathering, Yang had to face embarrassment.

Mallika Sherawat had to wear a cutout dress

Talking about the popular actress for her different style, Mallika Sherawat’s name is on top in this list but once she was cheated in her fashion. Mallika went to show her magic in a white cutout dress on the red carpet of Cannes but she had to face trouble. During this, her dress looked quite torn from behind. This type of style made him a victim of Oops moment.

Patricia also became a victim of Oops moments

Patricia is in the limelight for her style, but she also had to face an Oops Moment during the Cannes Film Festival. In fact, Patricia was slaying in an off-shoulder dress, but her dress slipped from the front and she became a victim of an oops moment. There is no doubt about the fact that she looked very beautiful but her style took her away.

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