This Mini AC will give cool air in summer, you will get restful sleep in the scorching heat


Mini AC: The summer season has reached its peak. In this hot summer everyone is suffering from sweating. In the scorching sun, people have to think before stepping out of the house. In such a situation, many people have to go out on their jobs or to get some work done. Traveling by public transport like bus etc. becomes more expensive as compared to traveling by your personal car. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about such a device to avoid this scorching heat, which will not bother you at all.

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Mini Portable AC

This device to feel cool in the scorching sun is none other than a mini portable fan and cooler. Which will help you to stay cool in summer. You can take it with you wherever you travel. It is easiest to carry them in a bag and their cost also fits in your budget. With these Mini Fans, you get good air flow, which can give relief in summer. Can be used anywhere. It is also safer than other fans. This is a USB supported fan. Its design is also great.

Price Rs 496 only

Although the price of Rudra Tech Mini Fan is 1499, but a huge discount of 66% is being given on it. Because of which you are getting this mini portable fan for just Rs.496. This is a hand mini portable rechargeable fan which is available on ecommerce platform Flipkart for Rs.496 only. In this you get many color options, its design is also quite unique.

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