This series full of suspense and thrill will scare at every turn, Arshad Warsi returns after years of waiting


Asura 2: After a long wait, once again there is good news for Asura fans. Yes, soon Arshad Warsi is coming back with a bang once again to please the people. The trailer of Asura 2 has been released which is getting a lot of love from the people. After the first season got tremendous popularity, people were eagerly waiting for this season. The trailer of ‘Asur 2’ is awesome and the caption with which it has been released is quite dangerous. The caption said, ‘Mayayuddha is near, the time has come to take Kalyug to its zenith. ‘Asura’ has come. This is enough to create excitement in the hearts of the fans.

what is the story of the series

Talking about the story of the web series ‘Asur’, it revolves around CBI officer Dhananjay Rajput, forensic expert Nikhil and a man who believes himself to be an ‘Asur’. This Asura commits murders one after the other which has created a stir. At the same time, the special thing is that behind every murder he has a different motive. This series is full of bloodshed. The style of murder of this demon gives goosebumps. In the first season, Dhananjay gets suspended because Nikhil thinks that he is behind the murder, whereas in reality Asura is someone else. In ‘Asur 2’, the story moves forward and once again bloodshed is being witnessed. It is clearly evident in the trailer that like the previous one, this season is also creepy and dangerous.

can stream on this day

In this series, once again the pair of Arshad Warsi and Varun Sobti is ready to bring Tsunami. This web series is going to be streamed on Jio Cinema this time on June 1. Earlier it was released on Voot but this time you can enjoy it on Jio Cinema without subscription. The special thing is that you do not need any subscription for this. This trailer has been released on Jio Cinema and it has got 17 lakh views till now.

Watch the video here:-

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