Useful thing: Make sure to save these four numbers in your mobile phone, you will get instant solution to many problems – Road Accident Emergency Service Number To Cyber ​​Fraud Helpline Make Sure To Save There Four Numbers


Today, most of us have a mobile phone. After its arrival, many of our tasks have become much easier. Today, we are availing the benefits of many important services online with the help of smartphone while sitting at home. Be it applying for any government scheme or ordering any important household item, all the work is being done online through smartphones. Apart from all this, it is also important to save some numbers in your smartphone. In this connection, today we are going to tell you about some such important numbers, with the help of which you can immediately call that number if you need any emergency service at the time of a road accident. Not only this, the numbers we are going to tell you about today. With their help you can also lodge a complaint against officers demanding bribe. Apart from this, if you are a victim of online fraud. In that case you can call the cyber fraud helpline number. Let us know –


If a person becomes a victim of an accident on the road. In this situation you should immediately call number 1073 without any delay. This is the road accident emergency service number.


If any shopkeeper, online platform, college or school sells goods and services at an increased price than normal. Apart from this, there is any problem related to quality, guarantee or warranty. In this situation, you can register your complaint by calling the National Consumer Helpline number 1915.

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