Will hybrid engine be available in Maruti Suzuki's new seven seater car? Know when it will be launched


maruti suzuki: Maruti Suzuki is continuously expanding its portfolio, for this new cars are being launched one after the other. According to the information received, the company is working on a new seven seater car, with its arrival it is going to challenge vehicles like Safari, Alcazar and XUV.

There is only one purpose behind launching the car and that is that the demand for the cars coming in this segment has increased continuously. It is being told that Maruti Suzuki's new seven seater will be built on Suzuki's C-Global platform. The car will be launched with premium features and it is possible that it will be sold through Nexa outlets. Talking about the time of launch, it can be introduced in early 2025.

Auto experts say that a hybrid engine can be given in this car, which generates more power and torque compared to other powertrains. The features of the car are also going to be very advanced, it can be provided with a large touchscreen display, driver digital display, infotainment system, adjustable seats, climate control and six airbags for safety.

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Currently, Maruti has Grand Vitara and Maruti Invicto in this segment, the new car can be in between these two. This means that not only will its price be low, but its performance will also be strong. Among others, Ertiga has been liked the most, although this car does not come in the premium segment.

Even after this the demand for the car is at its peak. According to the information received, there is a one year waiting period for Ertiga CNG. It is believed that Maruti Suzuki's new seven seater can be launched in Japan next year, after which it will be launched in other countries.

Shortly after the launch of this car, Maruti's first electric car EVX is also going to come, which can bring a range of at least 500km. This too has been awaited for a long time.

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