Women reservation quota should be increased: Mayawati


Women reservation quota should be increased: Mayawati
Women reservation quota should be increased: Mayawati

Lucknow, 19 September (HS). National President of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati has supported the Women’s Reservation Bill. He said in his statement that he is with the women’s reservation bill. It would be good if there is 50 percent reservation according to the population. Quota for SC-ST and OBC should be ensured in reservation.

The BSP chief said in a press conference on Tuesday that even if our party’s demands in the Women’s Reservation Bill that came today are not implemented, our party will help in supporting and passing the Women’s Reservation Bill to be presented in the Parliament. . Because here women of every religion and caste have still been kept backward compared to men in every matter. There is a lot of talk in the country about the safety, respect and necessary improvement in the condition of women of all communities, but instead of implementing them with complete honesty and clear intentions, they are completely ignored and work is done half-heartedly. . As the humanitarian and welfare objectives of the Constitution are being continuously played with to make the reservation of first SC-ST and now OBC community inactive and ineffective. In these matters no party is less than the other. Rather, some party is a little less and a little more than that.

The BSP chief said that he got a chance to visit both the houses of the Parliament. It is a matter of good fortune for me. Today the newly constructed Parliament building is also being inaugurated. Our party welcomes you heartily. Today the Women’s Reservation Bill will be presented by the Central Government in this new Parliament House. This news is a topic of discussion in the media. There is also a possibility that most of the parties including BSP will vote in its favor. Regarding other parties also, in such a situation, our party has full hope that this time after discussion, this women’s reservation bill will definitely be passed which has been pending for a long time.

In this context, on behalf of my party, I had said in the Parliament not once but many times that our party wants that if the reservation for the women of the country in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha assemblies is kept in mind, instead of 33 percent, their population should be 50 percent. There should be percent reservation. Our party will welcome this also wholeheartedly. The government should definitely think about this also. Along with this, it was also said that in whatever reservation is given to women, the quota for women of SC-ST and OBC category should be ensured by a separate court.

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