World’s Most Happy People In Finland Know The Reason What India


World’s Most Happily People: The population of poor people in India is decreasing rapidly. People are becoming financially strong, but not happy. What could be the reason behind this? If you ask this question to the people around you, they will give different answers. If India is not the happiest country then which country has this achievement? In today’s story we will know and also understand what is the scale to measure it? According to the World Happiness Survey, Finland has been the happiest country on earth for the last six years. This survey is based on Cantril Ladder life assessment questions. Finland is on top, followed by Denmark and Iceland. There are many reasons why Finns are happier than others, including lower income inequality (most importantly, the difference between the highest paid and lowest paid), greater social support, freedom of decision-making, and lower levels of corruption.

How do prosperous countries compare?

Finland, Norway and Hungary have similar levels of income inequality, yet people in Finland are happier on average. Why is it like this? According to the World Inequality Database, the tenth highest-paid people in Finland take home a third (33%) of all income. This is in contrast to 36% in the UK and 46% in the US for the same group. These differences may not seem huge, but they have a huge impact on happiness because in more unequal countries there are fewer saving options for the rest of the population and the rich become more fearful. When a small number of people become richer, it becomes a problem for the poor.

According to the English website The Conversation, in 2021 it was suggested by a sociology professor that by having more reasonable expectations, people in Nordic countries appear to be happier. However, it cannot be explained why Finland is so different from Norway on the happiness scale. All kinds of explanations are possible, including minor nuances of language and culture.

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