3 ways to win the game at all costs


Free Fire Max hacks: Free Fire Max is one of India's leading battle royale games, giving players an experience full of intense fights and strategies. Players often resort to different tactics to ensure maximum enemy kills and emerge victorious. Every win increases players' rank, making them eligible for various rewards and benefits over other players. While seasoned players are familiar with strategies they need to survive till the last while delivering maximum damage to opponents, beginners often find it hard to secure wins. Don't fret! We have got you covered in this guide that tells you five tips to stay ahead of enemies in the game and win it at all costs.

Free Fire Max: 3 best tips to win a game

Choose the landing spot

You can choose to land in a hot-drop location to gather maximum weapons and items but at the expense of facing enemies. Most hot-drop locations are the center of attraction for most players, so it is hard to avoid fights. You can choose to kill enemies to increase your count, but also ensure your own safety from other players. Alternatively, you can play passively to stay safe in the game by avoiding hot-drop locations but you will have a slim chance of finding essential gear.

The Shrinking Zone is your enemy

While you should be aware of other players near you in the match, you must keep an eye on the shrinking zone. You must try to remain inside the safe zone and play your rotations accordingly. When you are moving towards the safe zone, use cover to avoid attacks. This also means that you should avoid unnecessary battles and prioritize saving your life in the game.

Choose your battles wisely

It is not advisable to engage in every fight in Free Fire Max. While it is important to increase your kill count, you should gauge which fights are better left unattended. Sometimes survival is better than thirsting for kills in the game, especially when you are running away from the shrinking zone. If you notice an enemy that has an advantage over you in their current location, better disengage and flank them later.

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