Anupamaa Promo: Is this Anupama, the one who saves relationships, will tear apart the Shah family, new promo has arrived…


In the long running audience's favorite show 'Anupama', the life of the main character Anupama is going to change completely. On one hand, everyone is praising Anupama these days. At the same time, the time will soon come when Anupama will suffer the punishment for someone else's mistake. Then those who are trying to make a relationship with Anupama today will start to distance themselves from Anupama. Something similar will be seen in the promos coming out these days, people will start to hesitate to even tell their relationship with her.

According to the new promo of Anupama, it is seen that Anupama packs her luggage to go to India and prays to Kanha ji like always before leaving for the airport. But then Anupama gets a call from Baa. Picking up which Anupama says that she is just about to leave for the airport. But then Baa tells Anupama that it is not necessary to come here right now, you should look after your work.

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Further in the promo, Anupama is shown being surprised after hearing this. As soon as Anupama asks Baa why she is saying this. So before Baa can say anything, Vanraj comes and scolds Anupama saying that you have already defamed us in the whole world. Now there is no need to come here and defame us further.

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