Swiggy delivery boy did not express his feelings to Taapsee Pannu, ignored her even after seeing her, VIDEO went viral like fire


Swiggy delivery boy- It has often been seen that after seeing a Bollywood star, people start shouting, try to take selfies or just keep staring at them, but these days a video going viral on social media has proved all these things wrong. Is done. Actually, a delivery boy of Swiggy ignored Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu to such an extent that now this delivery boy is being talked about more than Taapsee.

Swiggy Delivery Boy
Swiggy Delivery Boy

In this video going viral on social media, it is seen that Taapsee Pannu is coming out of a building, meanwhile a Swiggy delivery boy is seen going inside the building to deliver the order in front of the gate. Used to be. Seeing Taapsee coming from the front, the delivery boy (Swiggy delivery boy) reacts in such a way that this delivery boy has now gone viral. Actually, seeing Taapsee coming from the front, this delivery boy reacts as if the girl coming from the front is a common girl. The delivery boy (Swiggy delivery boy) does not even look at Taapsee Pannu, rather he walks past her looking for the address to place the order.

Watch the video-

Paparazzi confused the delivery boy

Swiggy Delivery Boy
Swiggy Delivery Boy

In this 23-second video going viral, it is seen that paparazzi were standing outside the gate. And then this delivery boy comes into the frame while searching for the address. These people shout and tell the delivery boy to get out of the frame. But this delivery boy (Swiggy delivery boy) gets confused after hearing the sudden noise. And he starts staring at the paparazzi standing outside the gate. Meanwhile, Taapsee Pannu arrives in front of the gate wearing glasses and a black dress, but the Swiggy delivery boy standing nearby ignores her completely and goes away from there.

Delivery boy is being praised on social media

Swiggy's delivery boy did not give a gesture to Taapsee Pannu, ignored her even after seeing her, video went viral like fire

After this incident, now social media users are praising the delivery boy (Swiggy delivery boy). One user said, 'This delivery boy deserves incentives for his dedication'. Another user wrote, 'Ignore problems in life like this Swiggy delivery boy has done to Taapsee Pannu'. A third user writes, 'The time has come to increase the salary of Swiggy delivery for dedication.

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