Know what is meant by airplane mode of the phone, why it should not be used in flight


Tech News Desk,Many modes have been provided in the smartphone, among which silent mode and airplane mode are important for the users. Mobile users have a lot of knowledge about the silent mode of the phone and they also activate it when needed, but the users do not have much knowledge about the airplane mode. Due to which they do not know properly about its use and for this reason many times mobile users do not activate the airplane mode while traveling in flight. If you also do not know about the airplane mode then you can read our guide. The news should be read completely. Because here we will tell you in detail about the use of airplane mode and its benefits. After which you will be able to activate the airplane mode while traveling in the flight and if you do not activate it, you will be protected from possible damage to the flight.

What happens if you don't activate airplane mode in flight?

If you don't turn on flight mode, it may cause problems. It is not that if you do not keep the phone on flight mode then the plane will crash. But, this much will definitely happen that it will definitely create problems for the pilots flying the planes. Keeping the mobile connection on while flying can affect the communication system of the aircraft, which can cause problems to the pilot.

Actually, pilots are always in touch with the radar and control room during flight. But, they face problems if the phone remains on and they cannot get instructions clearly and their connection is disrupted. In such a situation, if your mobile or laptop remains on during the flight, then the radio frequency received by the pilot gets interfered with. Suppose, if many people do this in the flight, then it becomes very difficult for them. In such a situation, whenever you travel by flight, keep your phone on flight mode for some time.

Other Benefits of Airplane Mode

As we have already told about the use of Airplane Mode, it is also used to reset the phone. Many times it happens that the phone network gets disturbed. In such a situation, if you activate airplane mode and then deactivate it, your mobile gets filled with towers.

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