Neelkamal Singh New Holi Song 2024: Badlao Samaan Gori Neelkamal Singh's new Holi song which will make you feel intoxicated


Neelkamal Singh New Holi Song 2024: Friends, Holi season is coming and in such a situation bhojpuri song This cannot be possible because if you want to enjoy Holi and be yourself in Holi, then you need a Bhojpuri song and a song by Bhojpuri superhit singer Neelkamal Singh to add romance in the tadka of Bhojpuri songs. New Bhojpuri video song is out on YouTube

And this is such a song (Neelkamal Singh New Holi Song 2024) The viewer will become intoxicated and just by listening to this song, you will go with your sister-in-law and your year and dance like this in Holi because the lyrics of the song are 'Bavarand ko saman', this song has been sung by Gori Neelkamal Singh. Ko and Jo are very good famous singers

There is life in his voice whenever he releases a new song and his voice is so strong that it goes into business as soon as it comes on YouTube and his songs are heard and watched so many times by people that Its song itself goes viral.

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Bhojpuri songs Whenever a song of Key Trading singer Neelkamal Singh is released on YouTube, it is liked so much by the users that it seems as if there is some magic in its voice. Yes. Neelkamal Singh There is such a singer that whenever a new video is uploaded, its video always keeps trending on the trading page and this time it has reached its limit. Neelkamal Singh has made such a Bhojpuri song on Holi which was released recently. Is.

Neelkamal Singh New Holi Song 2024 Watch Now

Neelkamal Singh New Holi Song 2024

The lyrics of the song are 'Bavarat Ko Saman Gauri Choli Ke', so you also listen to this song. The lyrics of this song 'If we talk about it' have been written by Neelkamal Singh and this song (Neelkamal Singh ) If we talk about the actress then in this song Neelkamal Singh with Srishti Uttarakhandi Who is a very beautiful actress and is looking amazing in this Bhojpuri song.

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