Tau became uncontrollable after seeing the beautiful eyes of fair Nagori, got intoxicated with romance as soon as he came on stage, video went viral 1


New Delhi: Gori Nagori, who has impressed everyone with her dance moves from India to far away countries, has become a big celebrity in today's time. People come from far and wide to watch her dance videos, due to which her fan following is also increasing rapidly. Gori Nagori always remains in the headlines because of her dance. Gori Nagori dance dominates stage shows as well as albums. One of his videos is going viral these days.

The dance video of Gori Nagori is going viral on social media, even though it is 6 years old, the same enthusiasm is being seen among the people even today. The video going viral can be seen on Trimurti Cassettes YouTube channel. This video has received millions of views so far.

OMG, you won't even blink an eye after seeing such a dance.  Aakhya Ka Yo Kajal |  Gori Nagori Dance¦ Trimurti

Gori Nagori's video went viral

In the video going viral, Gori Nagori is seen wearing purple colored lehenga. In which her chunari is seen attracting people towards itself. Gori Nagori is seen touching people's hearts with her beautiful moves along with dance. In this viral video, people even try to go near him by clapping.

In the viral video on social media, Gori Nagori is seen dancing on Sapna Chaudhary's song Aankhya Ka Yo Kajal. People are liking this dance very much. Let us show you this viral video.

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