This actor of Pushpa film reached police custody, accused of instigating murder


Pushpa Actor: South cinema superstar actor Allu Arjun's film Pushpa was released on 17 December 2021. As soon as the film Pushpa was released, this film created a stir all around. From the dialogues to the scenes of the film Pushpa, everything was liked by the fans and the film proved to be a blockbuster. Let us tell you that meanwhile the police has taken huge action against this famous actor of the film Pushpa. This actor has been arrested by the police.

This famous actor was arrested

Police has taken huge action against famous South Cinema actor Jagdish Pratap Bhandari. Jagdish Pratap Bhandari has been taken into custody by the police and sent on 14-day remand. After coming into police custody, Jagdish Pratap Bhandari will be presented in the court. Jagdish Pratap Bhandari has been accused of blackmailing his junior artiste. According to the report, Jagdish Pratap Bhandari had clicked a photograph of a senior artist in an objectionable position, after which he was accused of blackmailing, due to which the junior artist committed suicide.

Pushpa played this character in the film

Let us tell you that Allu Arjun was seen in the role of Pushparaj in the film Pushpa and Allu Arjun created a stir with the character of Pushparaj. Along with this, in the film Pushpa, Pushpraj had a friend named Keshav. The character of Pushparaj's friend Keshav was played by Jagdish Pratap Bhandari and people liked this role of Jagdish Pratap Bhandari very much.

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