Akhilesh Yadav reached Kannauj to launch the party's campaign in Lok Sabha elections.


UP: SP National President Akhilesh Yadav looked elated with the enthusiasm of the workers who gathered amidst the scorching heat. Citing more than two decades old relations with Kannauj, when he said that he will always remain connected with the place, there was thunderous applause. The workers thought that now he would announce his candidature for the Lok Sabha elections, but it did not happen. He did not openly announce the issue of ticket, but he definitely hinted at contesting from here. The workers, who were disappointed due to lack of announcement, were definitely encouraged by the gesture of approval.

He said that from here Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia won, Netaji Mulayam Singh won, I myself won and Dimple Yadav also won. Socialists have a decades-old relationship with this place. The process which Netaji started two and a half decades ago will continue. Said that he has served this area. The people who helped in the first elections are present in today's programme.
Need their help again. Kept a series of details of the development works done in Kannauj during his tenure as MP and Chief Minister. He kept on boasting about his relations and kept on cornering the government. The people present in the pandal kept raising their hands and demanding announcement of his candidature. Sensing everyone's intentions, Akhilesh also kept talking with a smile. During his one and a half hour address, he finally said that do not get misled by anyone. For the first time, the SP chief was seen attacking MP Subrata Pathak from a public platform. Although he did not take names, he selectively raised several issues and surrounded them.
Said that Kannauj, famous for its fragrance, is now becoming infamous due to the actions of the MP. The people here have been cheated once. Nothing is going to work now. As long as Akhilesh Yadav surrounded the MP, the people present clapped. Said that the examination paper has been leaked nine times during the BJP government. 60 lakh youth are disappointed due to the leak of police recruitment exam paper. During the government, an initiative was taken to set up a liquor factory to increase the income of potato farmers. That work also came to a standstill during the BJP government.

…when former MP Chhote Singh said to Akhilesh holding the mike
When Akhilesh Yadav, face to face with the workers in the party office, was touting his relations with Kannauj, at the same time, the senior SP leader Chhote Singh Yadav, who was a three-time MP from Kannauj, who was present on the stage, left his chair and reached Akhilesh Yadav. He came to the mike and said, announce your name for candidature. On this the entire pandal echoed with applause. Akhilesh also smiled. He said that the elections here are in the fourth phase. there is time. Navratri is about to come. After that there is Eid. Will come here again after Eid.

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