#BreakingNews Has the time come for political farewell of Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, Sharad Pawar, Mayawati?


Pradeep Dwivedi. Has the time come for the political farewell of Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, Sharad Pawar and Mayawati, who have proved their dominance in the country's politics?
Looks like this is it!
Actually, age plays a big role in the activism of any politician, which is why with the passage of time, age outweighs the qualifications?
Not only this, after crossing the age of 70, while the activism of politicians decreases, the public's expectations from them also start weakening and with the passage of time, all this starts getting reflected in the statements and speeches too!
However… Godi media tries hard to control it, yet Narendra Modi's contradictory statements are continuously becoming a cause of political trouble for his supporters?

In just a few days, such statements have come from Narendra Modi regarding Hindu-Muslim that even his supporters are not able to understand whether the Hindu heart emperor Narendra Modi is speaking or Narendra Modi, a politician desperate for Muslim votes. Are you speaking?
These days Nitish Kumar is not able to understand what he has to do?
BJP's election symbol in Nitish Kumar's hand and his gestures in Narendra Modi's road show remain a question mark for everyone?
In this matter, Sharad Pawar is treading cautiously considering the changing times, his latest statement regarding Congress is pointing in this direction!
Mayawati has not yet crossed 70, but has reached close to 70, a big change is visible in her activism for some time, hence… can the results of this time's Lok Sabha elections take her out of the political field?

It will be interesting to see how long Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, Sharad Pawar and Mayawati remain in the lead roles!

Keep watching, now he will also tell the country that he also used to keep fast!

Dr. Ragini Nayak @NayakRagini
Just 2 days ago, Modi ji was saying that 'If I do Hindu-Muslim, then I am not eligible to live in public life' and today again he started doing Hindu-Muslim with the budget.
This time even the 'blind devotees' must have laughed…


Sujata @Sujata1978
It is requested that those Muslim families who had celebrated Eid with Sir in his childhood should come forward. Sir, all his neighbors were Muslims, so please tell the name of that locality also.


Oh God ! Just yesterday I had said that I will never do Hindu-Muslim, but I did not stop for 24 hours….

#Elections2024 Who after Narendra Modi? The answer will be given after June 4 – Yogi, Shivraj, Gadkari or Amit Shah!!


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#Elections2024 Who after Narendra Modi? The answer will be given after June 4 – Yogi, Shivraj, Gadkari or Amit Shah!

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