Data Plan Prike Hike: Airtel users get a big shock, these data plans will soon become expensive


Data Plan Prike Hike: Before the Lok Sabha elections, the general public is going to get a big shock. It is believed that data plans may become expensive after the elections. Airtel may increase the tariff plan. The company may increase rates by up to 17 percent on all plans. If Airtel increases the prices of the plan, then you may have to pay Rs 232 for the Rs 198 plan.

The last increase was in 2021

The last time the tariff was increased was 20 percent. This increase took place in December 2021. It is estimated that Bharti Airtel's ARPU per user will increase from the current Rs 208 to Rs 286 by the end of FY27. This boosted tariff increase is being done as part of shifting 2G users to 4G and 4G to 5G. However, no official announcement has been made by the companies regarding increasing the tariff. Stock broking expects Bharti's customer base to grow at 2% annually, while the telecom industry's growth rate is 1% annually.

airtel and jio

At the same time, Jio started its telecom services in 2016 and increased the tariff by 20-40% for the first time in December 2019 and then by 20% in December 2021. Bharti Airtel will lead the tariff hike to bring the telco's ARPU to over Rs 260 by FY26. Whereas there will be 15% tariff growth in all telecom operators.

Airtel and Jio will dominate 85% of the market in the medium term. In the last five years, Bharti Airtel and Jio telecom companies have dominated the market. This is why VI has decreased from 37.2% in September 2018 to 19.3% in December 2023. Airtel's share has increased from 29.4% to 33.0% during this period. Jio has become the biggest gainer rising from 21.6% to 39.7%.

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