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An infant who was found abandoned on the Railway tracks near Shakur Basti Railway Station was reunited with his parents, due to efforts by the Delhi Police. The couple from Agra had lost the baby while travelling from Gwalior to their hometown. On April 13, they were reunited with their child.

The infant found on the railway tracks in Delhi is now with his parents (Representative image)

New Delhi: The Delhi Police on Sunday said that they managed to trace the parents of a 2 month old child who had been found on the railway tracks. The baby had been found on the tracks near the Shakur Basti Railway Station, said officials.

Couple lost child on way to Agra

Investigations revealed that the child belonged to a couple from Uttar Pradesh. According to reports, the family was traveling to their home in Agra from Gwalior, via Delhi when they lost the baby. Police said that the baby was reunited with his parents after following all the proper procedures.

The police had found the infant on April 9, said the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Railways) K P S Malhotra. An investigation started after a case was filed under Section 317 (exposure and abandonment of child under 12 years, by a parent or person taking care).

Though a forensic team and a crime team were sent to investigate at the spot, nothing much could be found, said officials. There was no CCTV camera where the baby was found abandoned. The team then decided to share photos of the child across the country. All DCPs, SSPs across the country and all SHOs of Delhi were sent their pictures and social media was also used to spread news of the abandoned baby.

Apart from this, several child care centres were also approached. The police wanted to know if there had been any queries about the child being brought to any such child care home.

The police finally made a breakthrough when a man named Anil Kumar Rajavat approached them. He claimed that he had seen the photograph being circulated in a WhatsApp group. He told officials that he was the father of the baby.

On April 13, the man came to Delhi accompanied by his wife. He told police that he was the child’s father. He said that the child was lost at the railway station in a crowd, when they were traveling from Gwalior to their hometown in Agra. After checking the man’s credentials and confirming that he indeed was the father, the police handed over the baby to the couple.

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