Noida News Baba's bulldozer runs in Sector-79


Noida News: Noida (Chetna Manch). Noida Authority's campaign to remove illegal constructions is continuing. On Monday, the Noida Authority team freed 12 thousand square meters of land from illegal construction. The value of this land is estimated to be around Rs 95 crore. This land is planned as per the master plan of Noida Authority. A development project is to be constructed in this. This demolition work was done by Work Circle-6.

Noida News

Illegal possession removed from JCB

Noida Authority said that the operation was conducted in Sector-79 with the help of JCB and local police force. Here Khasra No. 770 was surrounded from all sides and its boundary was made. Also, plating was being done inside. As soon as it came to the notice of the authority, they reached the spot with JCB and police force and demolition was carried out. Also warned the encroachers that if they do so again, legal action will be taken.

CEO appealed to the people

Noida Authority CEO Lokesh M appealed to the people not to get misled by the colonizers. Otherwise you will lose your entire life's capital. Therefore, before purchasing land, get it checked in Noida Authority. Let us tell you that the authority removed illegal construction from 12 sites in a month. In which 17 Khasras have about 56 thousand 885 square meters of land. This land belongs to Sadarpur, Mamura, Sorkha, Salarpur, Asadullapur, Mohiyapur, Garhi Samastipur, Gulavali villages. Its cost is estimated to be around Rs 236.80 95 crore.

Police made a criminal lame during an encounter

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