What was there in Kaaba before Islam?


Millions of Muslims around the world reach Saudi Arabia for HajjThis year this journey 21 Has started from May, For which many Hajj pilgrims have set outThe Kaaba in Mecca city of Saudi Arabia is considered the most sacred in the religion of Islam

This religious ritual of Islam is very important for Muslims around the worldHealthy and economically capable Muslims around the world wish to go on Haj pilgrimage at least once in their life., But let us tell you that the sacred pillar of Muslims, Kaaba was not always like thisLet us know its history today.

What was there before in Mecca?

From today around 4000 years ago the Mecca Plain was completely desertedMuslims believe that Allah blessed Prophet Abraham (Whom Muslims call Abraham) ordered him to bring his wife Hajra and son Ismail from Palestine to Arabia so that they could escape from the jealousy of his first wife Sarah (Hajra and Ismail) to be kept away.

According to Muslims, Allah asked Prophet Abraham to leave them to their fateDuring that time he was given some food items and some waterHowever, this stuff got exhausted within a few daysIn such a situation, Hajra and Ismail became distressed with hunger and thirstthen Desperate Hajra came down from the hills of Safa and Marwa in Mecca seeking helpHajra, exhausted by hunger and fatigue, fell down and prayed to Allah for relief from her distress.After this, when Israel stomped his feet on the ground, a spring of water gushed out from the ground and both their lives were saved.

Water business started

After this, Hajra secured that water and started trading water in exchange for food itemsAbove this waterAZamzam is known as the water of Zamzam wellMuslims consider it to be the most sacred water and after Hajj, all the pilgrims try to return home with this sacred water..

What is called Kaaba?

According to Muslims, During this time, Allah asked Prophet Abraham to dedicate a place of pilgrimageAbraham and Ishmael took a small stoneBuilt a cubical buildingThis building came to be known as Kaaba.

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