Chinese Foreign Ministry highlights the talks between the Presidents of China and the US


Beijing, April 3 (IANS). Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wanpin highlighted the concrete topics related to Runichow, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet issues in the talks between the presidents of China and the US in a regular press conference on Wednesday.

The spokesperson said that during the talks, the Chinese side told the US that China has undisputed sovereignty over the Nansha Islands and their surrounding seas, which include Runichiyo. The root cause of the Runaichiyo dispute is the Philippines' repeated retreat from its stand and China's attempt to establish a permanent outpost on the unmanned island so as to illegally occupy Runaichiyo.

The US is not a party to the South China Sea issue. America should not take part in the question existing between China and the Philippines. Discussing the Hong Kong issue, the spokesperson stressed that the US should respect China's sovereignty and Hong Kong's rule of law and not interfere in it.

Regarding Xinjiang and Tibet issue, the spokesperson said that Xinjiang and Tibet issue is an internal matter of China. China wants to have exchanges with the United States under the prerequisite of mutual respect, but firmly opposes interference in China's internal affairs through the use of human rights.

(Courtesy- China Media Group, Beijing)



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