funeral procession of Ibrahim Raisi in Iran Thousands of people participated supporters seen with Palestinian flag


Ibrahim Raisi Funeral Procession: Thousands of people attended the funeral of late Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Tuesday. Iran's President and Foreign Minister and seven other people were killed when a helicopter crashed near the border of Azerbaijan on Sunday. There is a wave of mourning throughout Iran after the death of the Iranian President. Thousands of people participated in the last journey wearing black clothes. There was disappointment on people's faces. Iranian guards equipped with modern weapons were monitoring the crowd. Iranian officials gave speeches and mournful music was played during the funeral of their leader.

Ibrahim Raisi was returning from Azerbaijan on Sunday in an American-made Bell 212 helicopter with 8 people. Meanwhile, the helicopter crashed in the hilly area. Due to fog and storm, the rescue team could reach the accident site on Monday. In this accident, all 9 people aboard the helicopter including the President and the Foreign Minister were killed. People were seen carrying Iranian flags and Raisi's photographs at the funeral procession on Tuesday morning. Some people were also carrying the flag of Palestine, which shows that Iran is a supporter of Palestine.

Iran lost a powerful leader
In the last journey, the coffins of President Raisi, Foreign Minister and other officials were kept on a truck. The coffins were decorated with white flowers. Wherever the truck was passing, people were touching the coffin. News agency AP reported that Tehran resident Amiri Hasti said, 'Ever since we heard about the helicopter crash, we were very worried, we were only thinking what is happening with Iran. We were devastated after the news of the death came. Another person said that we have lost a powerful leader.

state mourning in india
All government offices and shops remained closed on Tuesday during Raisi's last journey. Apart from this, state mourning was declared in India on the death of the Iranian President. The Iranian President will be buried in his hometown Mashhad on Thursday. It is being told that after the accident, the helicopter broke into three parts. The front part of the helicopter has completely burned. The place where the accident happened is a steep hill. There is no permission to go to the place of the incident due to investigation.

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