Extremist groups hoisted Jewish flag at Al-Aqsa Mosque complex


Jerusalem. The war between Israel and Hamas has been going on for the last six months. The Palestinian city of Gaza has been completely destroyed by the Israeli army attack. Despite the ongoing devastation in Palestine, there has been no major reaction from the Muslim countries of the Gulf. However, now a step by the Israelis can provoke the anger of the Arab countries.

It is reported that Israeli extremist groups attacked the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex on Tuesday evening. These people raised inflammatory slogans against Palestinians and hoisted the flag of the Jewish state there. This information has been given in The New Arab News website quoting Jerusalem Islamic Waqf. Actually, Israel is celebrating its 76th 'Independence Day' on Tuesday. The report said that on this occasion a group of Jewish extremists entered the Al Aqsa Mosque and started praying loudly. Jerusalem Waqf said that the intrusion took place despite a strong police presence in the mosque and surrounding areas and the police stood by and watched.

This Masjid Al Aqsa in Jerusalem is the third most sacred place for Muslims spread across the world after Mecca and Medina. You can guess its importance from the fact that before Kaaba, all the Muslims used to stand facing towards this mosque. In such a situation, this step of Israelis can incite anger in Arab countries.

Source : palpalindia
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