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Ghaziabad News Ghaziabad. Police Commissionerate Police Station Sahibabad Police team has made a big revelation about the incident of an unknown body being found in the canal at Kanwani. While exposing the incident on Friday, ACP Sahibabad said that an unidentified body was found on the Kanwani canal which was identified as that of Nitin, a resident of Sahibabad. Nitin was murdered by his cousin uncle along with his friend after hearing unpleasant things about his niece and wrapped the deceased Nitin in his own jacket, tied it to a stone and threw him in the canal and also broke his mobile phone and threw it there. And the surgical blade used in the murder was hidden somewhere and thrown away. In this regard, the police have arrested the accused murderer Nitin's cousin uncle Shiv Kumar and his friend Bhanu Pratap and action is being taken against them.

what was the whole matter

ACP Sahibabad told that on December 2, he had received a missing report of his son Nitin from Rakesh Kumar in Sahibabad Police. Due to which a team was formed for the incident with immediate effect and meanwhile on 6th December, 4 days later, an unidentified dead body was found in the canal. Which was done by putting a stone wrapped in a jacket in water. And when the police took action to identify the body, it was identified by Nitin's father as his son Nitin.

Ghaziabad News

Big disclosure of the incident

The police have formed a team and exposed the incident after investigation and looking at all the evidence. According to police information, deceased Nitin, a native of Aligarh and resident of Aligarh Sahibabad New Beta, was murdered by his cousins ​​Shiv Kumar and Bhanu Pratap, who have been arrested by the police. According to the police, the accused told the police that he already knew Nitin as he was his cousin. Nitin has a mobile shop and when Shivkumar approached him at the mobile shop. They had a party in December and at the party, Nitin got so drunk that he said unpleasant things about Shiv Kumar's niece and even proposed marriage to her. And he said that he is having an affair with his niece since the lockdown. And Shiv Kumar was displeased with his blunt words and along with his friend Bhanu Pratap, he decided to clean him out of the way.

Throat slit with a blade after giving alcohol

Uncle threw Nitin a drinking party and after that they made Nitin drink liquor and killed him by slitting his throat with a surgical blade and wrapped him in his own jacket and threw him in the canal near the Kanwani culvert and his mobile was also vandalized. The tax was thrown into the canal itself. And then the ragpicker saw the dead body and the police was immediately informed. Police said that blood stained clothes of Shiv Kumar, used motorcycle and surgical blade have been recovered from the accused. Police said that after committing the murder, Bhanu Pratap had gone to his village Aligarh and he once again returned to Sahibabad. The police team, after investigating all the facts, arrested both the accused and exposed this incident.

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