This time the country is looking at crossing 400 under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi: Smriti Irani


This time the country is looking at crossing 400 under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi: Smriti Irani
This time the country is looking at crossing 400 under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi: Smriti Irani
This time the country is looking at crossing 400 under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi: Smriti Irani
This time the country is looking at crossing 400 under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi: Smriti Irani

-The era is of Vande Bharat, Congress is moving on bicycle in Khajuraho: Smriti Irani

Panna, 03 April (HS). Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the entire country is looking forward to crossing 400 this time. In Khajuraho Lok Sabha constituency, Congress Party has left the field, Samajwadi Party is not getting candidates. Samajwadi Party came with a candidate from Uttar Pradesh, then changed the candidate after two days. I am an MP from an area where only one family has ruled for five decades. In that region, applying tilak on the forehead and having the name of Ram on the lips were once considered a political curse. Congress certainly had a hand in that area, cycles were also running together, but BJP workers washed their hands and punctured the cycle. This is the era of Vande Bharat, but even today he rides a bicycle.

Union Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani said this while addressing a road show and public meeting in Panna on Wednesday. He said that the lotus flower which you had sent to Delhi after winning the last election, today has become a golden lotus flower and is always ready to serve you. The public meeting was also addressed by Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav, BJP state president Vishnudutt Sharma, state in-charge of Lok Sabha elections Dr. Mahendra Singh, Cabinet Minister Prahlad Patel, senior leader Suresh Pachauri and former minister and MLA Brijendra Pratap Singh.

People's trust is BJP's strength: Smriti Irani

While addressing the public meeting, Union Minister Smriti Irani said that it is the result of the determination and organizational skills of the hardworking workers that the opposition party has given the signal of BJP's victory by laying down their arms and changing the tickets. I am congratulating party candidate and state president Vishnudutt Sharma in advance on his victory and this is not audacity or arrogance. The public saw, knew, tested our service and trusted us again. This is the biggest strength of the party organization and workers of Madhya Pradesh. Today I have come to bow to this power. The first sign of Congress's defeat in the Lok Sabha elections is that he refused to contest the elections in front of the state president of our party. The second indication is that the parties which did not see eye to eye with each other in the assembly elections are coordinating the seats.

Opposition has to be injected, Modi has to be made Prime Minister again

He said that BJP used to have only two MPs, today its workers have the capacity to raise slogans exceeding 400. He asks for votes with his head held high and with a sense of humility. I want to tell the public that voting for SP means voting for those forces who want to disintegrate the country. This means voting for those who have looted the country's treasury and who still have their eyes on the treasury. We have to tell the public that during the Covid crisis, when death was looming everywhere and people from all the opposition parties had fled, BJP workers were distributing sanitizers and masks from door to door, village to village. Was feeding the hungry in every street. During that time of crisis, there was so much faith only in Modi's mind that we will make the vaccine, deliver it to every Indian and show the power of the Indian vaccine in foreign countries also. At that time, people of Congress and SP were making fun of the vaccine and were stopping the public from getting vaccinated.

If the reins were in the hands of robbers, would every poor person get free ration?

Smriti Irani said that when you go to seek blessings from the public, then ask them that if Modi was not the Prime Minister of the country and the reins of the country were in the hands of Congress, would free ration have reached the poor? If Modi was not there, would every poor person have opened a bank account? If Narendra Modi had not been there, would the grand Ram temple have been built? Vote for BJP for the security of the country, upliftment of women, youth power for a bright future and to make India a developed India. The politics of Congress has become so bad that it is seeking support from terrorist organizations to win the elections. These were the people who used to say that if Article 370 is removed, the country will break. These are the people who demand proof of the bravery of our army. These are the people who, in the name of power, threaten the countrymen that if Modi becomes the Prime Minister again, the country will be on fire. I want to tell Rahul Gandhi to listen with open ears, this country was first challenged by the whites, but the country defeated them. The enemy who challenged the country was defeated by this country. If you challenge this country, the country will not leave you.

State President filed nomination

After the public meeting, BJP state president and party candidate Vishnudutt Sharma greeted the public in the form of a road show and reached the Collectorate office from Nazarbagh Ground, where he filed his nomination as a party candidate. On this occasion, Union Minister Smriti Irani, Minister Prahlad Singh Patel, former ministers Brijendra Pratap Singh and Sanjay Pathak were present.

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