Home Minister's wife's cooperative organization raided in Nepal cooperative scam case


Kathmandu, 03 April (HS). The troubles of Nepal's Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane, who are embroiled in the cooperative scam, are showing no signs of abating. The cooperative organization of Lamichhane's wife Nikita Paudel was raided on Wednesday.

Kathmandu Municipal Corporation raided SAI Savings and Credit Cooperative Society following a complaint that the operator of the cooperative institution absconded with savers' money. On the instructions of Kathmandu Mayor Balen Shah, the Cooperative Department raided this cooperative institution. Home Minister's wife Nikita Paudel is the vice president of this organization. A member of the cooperative department of the Municipal Corporation said that Sai Cooperative Society was raided and all the necessary documents were confiscated.

Municipal Corporation's Chief Administrative Officer Pradeep Pariyar said that during the raid, documents related to the meeting minutes, register, list of savers and list of loan takers of this institution were seized. Apart from this, the computers, laptops and software present there are also being examined. All the members of the governing committee of this cooperative institution have been summoned so that they can be interrogated. According to Pariyar, more than 100 savers have filed a written complaint with the Municipal Corporation that their money is not being returned. The checks deposited by them are also not being paid. The raid was conducted after this complaint.

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